What is the purpose of an appraisal?

An appraisal is a professional report which documents a reasoned conclusion of value for a specific purpose.
An appraisal may be used in the process of planning your estate, obtaining insurance coverage, to settle
a loss claim, to facilitate equitable distribution among heirs, for charitable contribution (donation), or for
dissolution of marriage. Please ask us about a Feasibility Analysis, performed to determine economic benefits
of a sale, or sale versus charitable contribution.


How long will it take to complete my appraisal?

Each assignment has unique circumstances. Factors that may determine the completion time of
your project include: number of items to be addressed, the complexity of the market for each
item category, or the verification of information sources. Ask our office for a personalized estimate of completion time.

How much will my appraisal cost?

You can review our Fee Schedule. In accordance with professional ethics, our fees are based upon time
and expenses, never on a percentage of the value of the items appraised.

What is the appraisal process?

Examination of your objects usually takes place in your home or wherever the property is located. You are welcome
to bring small collections to our Colorado Springs office. Please call for an appointment. The research process takes place
over a period of several weeks after the collection has been properly measured, described, and photographed.
We are available to travel nationwide for appropriate assignments.

What does the complete appraisal document include?

Our appraisal reports are bound documents that include: item identification and description, photographs,
unbiased, substantiated opinions of value, analysis of markets selected, and a Confidentiality Statement and sources.