The Barbara Webb estate (Sept. 2012) was especially interesting as her husband was the Great-Great Grandson of Jefferson Davis the President of the Confederate States during the Civil War.  Many interesting and historical items as well as local Colorado Springs history as Barbara was from the Benjamin Shove family as well.

Wonderful 1890’s home one block from the Broadmoor Resort was a great setting for this event.

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The Mildred Beadle living estate sale (Sept. 2012) was held in the house that she and Robert had designed by Gordon & Elizabeth (Wright) Ingraham (Elizabeth was the Granddaughter of Frank Lloyd Wright) and it shows much of her Grandfather’s ideas.

Quite outstanding Mid-Century house located in the Old North End of town was a great showcase for their many items.

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The Philip & Margaret Donner estate (May 2020) in Skyway was remarkable! Other than it was an appointment only sale because of Covid-19, turnout was great. ¬†Wonderful 18th century furniture, sculptures by Margaret’s father, the amazing Joseph Renier and other great items.

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The Barbara Sparks estate (March 2020) ¬†near the Broadmoor was a wonderful collection of Barbara’s great photography as well as SW artworks and furniture.

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The Ann Zwinger living estate sale (Jan. 2014) was quite exciting.  Wonderful turn of the century residence directly across from Monument Valley Park. Ann was an accomplished author of Colorado natural histories.

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The¬†Eitel estate¬†sale June 2016) was a wonderful collection of items. ¬†Mary was married to Karl who was the Broadmoor’s President from 1961-1981, great things!

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The Nakata estate sale (April 2017) had wonderful mid-century decor and period items. A well known architect here in town.

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The Joy Isham estate sale (May 2017) had great antiques, clocks and artwork. The home is perched on a lot overlooking the Broadmoor Resort, great sale.

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James & Helen McCaffery sale (Feb. 2018) was 3 generations of history, ww1, local Springs historical items, Colorado College memorabilia form the turn of the century and Art Deco jewelry.  Babe Ruth signed baseballs and an original owner 1958 Corvette!

A great estate that was a real time capsule.

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Connie Solomon (July 2018) worked for several Congressmen and was also Chief of Staff for Joel Hefley.  Wonderful lifetime collection which consisted of many antiques from her Mother that had extensive written provenance.

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Jennie P. Weller estate sale (March 2019) Great collection of Ann Arbor artists and period antiques.  A great sale!

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Charles & Barbara Byerly (July 2019) Long time Colorado Springs residence in the Cheyenne Canon area with extensive Southwest collection. ¬†Artworks by Allan Houser, Helen Hardin, kachina’s, jewelry etc. ¬†Great estate sale with lots for everyone.

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